We are an alliance of select creatives who exist to help cause driven Brands bring big visions to life.

Portraits by Jeannie Albers

Leveraging our collective expertise, experience, and desire for GOOD to create lasting change in the lives of others.

Making Visions of Good Happen

For a big vision of change to become reality, people must be compelled, persuaded, and inspired to think, feel, and act differently. Even with the right tools, this is no easy task. When used well, film, photography, and design can become powerful means to compel, persuade, or inspire change.

By experiencing the vision and need for change through transformational stories, unforgettable images, or detailed designs, people become activated to give, to engage, to sacrifice, to believe, or perhaps willing to even give their life to a cause worth living for. The complex creative forms are then simple catalysts of change for change.

Our model is distinctly designed to best tackle the unique needs of each project for each Brand through leveraging diverse creative teams, marrying creative and strategy by reverse engineering from impact, and driving every single detail in the process. Our approach is formed by the philosophy that Strategy x Creative x Execution = Impact.

Beginning with the end, we first develop a razor sharp understanding of a Brand's vision, strategy and goals. Then, we reverse engineer the best & and simplest path forward with the resources at hand. All artistic ideas remain anchored and fully integrated in each Brand's strategy in order to maximize impact.

Because every project is different we engineer and lead custom tailored teams of specialized creatives to match the unique challenges and goals of each project. Diversity across specialization, experience and creative styles, provides greater flexibility to solve problems more precisely. There is no one size fits all.

Thomas Edison said, "Vision without execution is hallucination." Essentially the best ideas in the world are futile when not (effectively) executed. In response, we de-mystify the creative process through leveraging decades of project management experience and proven business methods to get each project done well. From start to finish, we drive every detail in the multiple stages of the development process. View our detailed creative process here.

The Orlando Creatives

The Orlando Creatives

Working as individuals as well as together on teams, the filmmakers, photographers and designers have been recognized locally, nationally and internationally. Their projects range from collaborating with local startups, foreign NGO's, and all the way up to global household name brands reaching millions of people across the world.

Latest Highlights

Selects from the Collective Creative Portfolio

The projects below highlight projects from the Film & Video, Photography, and Design portfolios of each of the Creatives. Projects range from being performed individually, as part of Orlando Creatives, and in collaboration with others. The projects give exposure to the expertise, experience, and style offered providing greater visibility into the Creative talent available for selection on each project.

Film & Video