Christopher Towle is an Orlando filmmaker who excels across many core aspects of storytelling, such as creative development, directing, cinematography, editing, motion graphics and visual effects. He is also a creative consultant, graphic designer, and co-founder and creative director of a tech startup.  A few of his projects have been viewed worldwide and translated into over a dozen languages.


Having created for big brands to mission based non-profits, Chris has vast film production experience creating original content series, commercials and advertisements, short films, impact films, and feature films. He is excellent at reverse engineering from a goal to creating the most effective path forward with the resources at hand. His fascination with using art for problem solving matched with his varied skillsets gives him an advantage over many other storytellers by creating multiple viable approaches to impact viewers. Perhaps his unique gifting first solidified many years ago as a teenager when he persuaded his teacher to allow him to tell a story through video instead of by writing a paper.


Christopher is originally from Brewer, Maine, and migrated South to Orlando many years ago to earn his film degree from Full Sail University. He is an INTJ on the Myers-Briggs personality profile.