How can we help with your big vision?

During our first conversation, we will talk through what you are trying to accomplish and establish the unique nature of your project. We will discuss your boundaries, such as project timeline, resources needed, and budget range. We will also be glad to answer any and every question you have for us, as all partnerships on accomplishing big visions require a strong foundation for professional and creative trust.

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Key Questions We Will Ask to Determine Proper Fit

  • Best case scenario, what change do you hope to create?
  • What are specific thoughts, feelings, and actions you seek to influence in specific people?
  • What is at stake? What risks do you face?
  • How is your project integrated with your greater strategy?
  • What is most important to you for your project to be successful?

  • Have you done a project like this before? What was your experience?
  • Who are the key decision makers driving the project?
  • Where will this project be experienced by viewers? Online, TV, Social Media, an Event, etc.?
  • What is your target budget range?
  • What is your target timeline and key deadlines for delivery?
  • What are examples of similar projects you've been inspired by?

Key Questions You Should Ask Us (and Everyone Else)

We've discovered that when clients are better informed and prepared on the front end of the process, then we are all collectively more successful. Naturally, all of us don't know what we don't know, and so from our perspective we'd like to provide a summarized check list to evaluate Orlando Creatives or anyone else you may be considering to be your ideal creative partner for your next project. Unfortunately, there are a lot of smoke and mirrors in our industry -- marketing, advertising, and creative. Our hope is we can help you gain the clarity and confidence you deserve as quickly as possible.

  • What is your experience with this type of project?
  • What is your creative process like? And your delivery process?
  • What kind of customer experience should I expect?
  • How do you determine project costs? And how do you approach payments?
  • How will you guarantee my brand strategy and brand identity are not degraded in the process?

  • If the scope of the project grows, how would we handle that? Will there by "surprises"?
  • How will I know how project is going and next steps?
  • What will you expect or need from me for us to be successful?
  • How will you guarantee high quality creative work?

Orlando Creatives

at Credo Conduit

We are located on the North side of downtown within Credo Conduit. At Conduit, we are a part of a strong community consisting of the creative class of Orlando, which includes tech startups, artificial intelligence design, game development, marketing, community leaders and many other social impact focused businesses. Our scalable model for building and leading custom creative teams is well complemented by Conduit's scalable resources and innovative ecosystem.