Doug is a multi-faceted and talented storyteller gifted across both photography and film. He has extensive years of experience in both fields and is a master of cinematic lighting. He's worked with local cause focused brands like Credo Coffee and the Orange County Cultural Commission as well as larger Brands such as Florida Hospital and the International Refugee Assistance Project.


Originally from Alabama, before moving to Orlando in 2010, Doug served in the U.S. Marines in Iraq in 2007. He continues to serve as an advocate for veterans and has op-ed's in both the New York Times and Foreign Policy Magazine.


With a passion for leveraging storytelling to connect people and ideas, he is perceptive, calculated and thoughtful in all of his professional work.


He attended Full Sail's film program and is currently pursuing his masters at Rollins. Doug has been married to his wife Samantha of five years, and he is an ISFP (The Adventurer) on the Myers-Briggs.