Evan Travelstead is an Orlando graphic designer, art director, and media strategist. He specializes in web and digital product design, editorial layout and design, branding & logo creation, and geometric illustration. He's created for some of the biggest brands, such as Facebook, Instagram, NHL, and the Weather Channel. Evan has received multiple awards for his design work and additionally he's had a few of his personal projects go viral and be highlighted on Gizmodo and Wired Magazine Online.


Bringing a strategic mindset to his creative work, as Evan designs he stays focused on the end goal: effectively enabling people to gain understanding about an idea, message, or even feeling. He's driven by the challenge of communicating complex ideas as simply as possible to help others ultimately relate better to each other.


Evan is originally from Orlando, Florida, and received his graphic design degree from the University of Central Florida. He is an INTJ on the Myers-Briggs personality profile.