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Film & Video

Select Film Directors, Cinematographers, and Editors

To help Brands bring their visions to life, we offer tv and web commercials, brand films, brand videos, and impact films. Our filmmakers specialize in all of the core aspects of film and video production such as story and concept development, film directing, pre-production, production, post production, cinematography, and editing. We have years of experience in delivering leaner and smaller scale projects all the way up to multi-month large scale six figure projects.

Below you will find the collective Film & Video portfolio which is comprised of the creative portfolios of each of the filmmakers.


Brand Films & Videos

Below are examples of both brand films and brand videos. The line between the two isn't always definitive but they typically fall into two categories. Brand films are more similar to traditional films in that their is a plot line, a message, settings, and at least one character within the story. Brand films can be either documentary, scripted, or a hybrid between the two. Though brand videos can be similar to brand films, brand videos may not conform to much or any structure. Both brand films and brand videos can be used to show the value of a Brand and the impact that it has on people's lives.

TV & Web Commercials

As more and more viewers have shifted to experiencing video content online, commercials have quickly followed suit. Commercials are typically much shorter than brand films or brand videos, typically under 60 seconds in length. Commercials also don't always follow a rigid structure and various story telling elements can be included. Overall, commercials exist to demonstrate the value a brand, product, or service provides.

Impact Films

Impact films are short films or feature films that serve the purpose of creating positive change in viewers. They do not exist to promote a Brand's value, a product, or a service, but they use storytelling (typically documentary) to positively influence thoughts, feelings, and actions for the sake of the benefit of humanity.