James Spradlin is the founder of Orlando Creatives leading the group as Executive Creative Director and Executive Producer. He has nearly two decades of experience driving creative projects across brand strategy, brand filmmaking, short films, photography, and design. Additionally, James has an MBA from the University of Florida matched with many years of real world business experience designing and executing strategies ranging from startups to corporations. Working alongside other Creatives, his brand storytelling projects have been recognized on the local, regional, national, and International levels and viewed by millions of people around the world.


One of James' core philosophies is to help solve significant problems by marrying strategy with the creative forms. He measures the quality of creative work by the quality of intended change it creates in others. Ultimately, James uses the power of the creative forms to positively influence specific thoughts, specific feelings, and specific actions in specific people -- resulting in significant and lasting change.


Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, James has lived in Orlando for over twenty years. He and his wife Tori have a six year old son named Beckett. On the Myers-Briggs personality profile, James is an INFJ.

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