Jeannie Albers is a phenomenal photographer and all around artist. She specializes in portrait, editorial, fashion, lifestyle and product, and commercial photography. Her camera lens gives others a view into a deeper reality that always lies below the surface, and often goes unnoticed. Jeannie has an innate ability to transform an idea or concept initial a visual piece of art that can be experienced, and cause change in the viewer.


As a cross-disciplined artist, she brings her years of experience as a painter and musician to enhance her approach to photography, namely, how she sees what could be. She loves translating big ideas or concepts into concrete experiences of art. She has dedicated her life to creating, whether photography, painting, or music, she interweaves each amongst each other. In her work, she is driven by creating images point beyond themselves, to something greater.


Jeannie is one of the few Creatives born and raised in Orlando. She received her degree from UCF specializing in Studio Art. She is an INFP on the Myers-Briggs personality profile.




Lifestyle & Product