Josh McWilliams is a stellar filmmaker who excels across all primary production roles of directing, filming, and editing. In his many years of experience, he's worked on countless projects including commercials, brand videos, brand films, short films, and documentaries. Josh has directed and edited over 40 tv broadcast shows, many being seen on ESPN. He directed and edited an action sports documentary that won "Best Documentary" at the X-dance Film Festival.


Like most filmmakers, Josh loves capturing and telling great stories. But he is also intrigued by the challenge that comes with each project, particularly shaping a compelling story to have the greatest impact possible using the available limited elements. This makes Josh a critical player when the path forward isn't easy.


Josh is originally from Colorado and North Carolina though has been in Orlando for nearly twenty years. He received a digital media degree from Full Sail University. He has been married to his wife Arleigh for over five years and they have a beautiful baby daughter named Mayah. On the Myers-Briggs personality profile, Josh is an ESFJ.