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Selected Projects, On the Road, Behind the Scenes, and In Progress

Below you will find glimpses into the ongoing activity of the independent Creatives who make up the Orlando Creatives. These projects consist of official Orlando Creatives projects, projects with other agencies or direct with brands, or even passion projects.

James L. Spradlin

Patrick Chin has amassed a strong body of work in a very short amount of time. He's had the privilege of creating for global brands such as Chevrolet, Volvo, Gap, Anthropologie and Apple. His work extends across commercial, advertising, lifestyle, travel, portraits, architecture, and food and beverage.

New Short Film Released

“41x” a Brian Carlson Film was recently released. The heartfelt story follows Mike Graves, a lawn mower racer who overcomes cerebral palsy to continue on his father’s legacy. See the full film page and BTS on

Scott Cook, Director
Joshua McWilliams, Editor

New Brand Film "Water Works"

New brand film Directed and shot by Scott Cook and edited by Joshua McWilliams.

Medium Format Series by Brian Carlson