Lauren Jones is an Orlando designer who's gifts transcend multiple creative forms. She is a graphic designer, illustrator, painter, and fiber artist. Within design, Lauren specializes in editorial layout and typography.


On her initial path Lauren pursued order, function, and detail through mathematics before altering her trajectory to instead pursue a more artistic and creative path.  Her foundation in respecting the relationships between variables combined with her creative right brain strengths, enables her to provide multiple viable perspectives to each project. Many of her designs are based upon grid systems, resulting in each design decision made with great thought to balance on both the macro and micro levels.


Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Lauren received an art degree from Georgia State University before re-locating to Orlando. She is newly married to her husband Sean, who happens to also be a very talented designer.


On the Myers-Briggs personality profile, Lauren is a rare INFJ.


Digital & Print Layout

Logos & Brands

Typography & Illustration