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Thomas Edison once said, "Vision without execution is hallucination." We couldn't agree more.

For many Brands, the creative process of designing an idea from scratch and then transforming it into a finished product can be unnecessarily stressful and intimidating due to the unknown and complexity of the process. As the project stakes rise and the project complexity increases, the risk for failure exponentially increases as well.


Fortunately, we've spent nearly two decades decoding how to master the creative process, moving from ideas to systematic and coordinated actions and getting things done.


Below you'll find both the "how" and the "why" to our process which will better equip you as you move forward in your next project.

We Build & Lead Custom Tailored Creative Teams

More Options and Your Opinion Counts.

Because every project has unique challenges and goals, creative teams should always be tailored to the unique needs of each project. Each Orlando Creative offers diverse experience, ability, style, and expertise, with some Creatives being more suitable to a specific project than others -- which, in turn allows us to tackle the specific needs of each project with greater precision. And, each Brand's opinion counts. We provide transparency into each Creative's strengths so Brands are able to request specific Creatives to be assigned to their project as desired.


With creative team sizes up to four Creatives, we are able to provide over 2,000 possible tailored team combinations. In a team of at least five or more Creatives, we can provide up to 24,000 different custom tailored teams to best match your project.

Utilizing a scalable & flexible model empowers us to deliver multiple effective options for approaching projects in more than just one way. At times, a smaller and leaner team will be more effective for a project than using a much larger team. Other times, significantly complex projects require more roles, responsibilities, and resources to bring a vision to life. Regardless of the ideal team size, we design teams to match the project needs instead of the project (and especially the budget) being designed to match the personal artistic vision of the creatives. Ideally, both visions are in alignment as much as possible.

To serve Brands best, our projects are driven by the philosophy that art's purpose is ultimately to serve the Brand's vision for creating change in people.

Because we are committed to helping Creatives make a greater impact through their work, we continually invest in the growth and success of each Orlando Creative. In turn, Brands are able to benefit more and more over time as the individual Creative's growth contributes to the exponential and expanding effectiveness of the greater group on all future projects.

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Start to Finish

We Design, Manage & Drive the Entire Creative Process from Start to Finish

We've learned that creative projects can (and should) be engineered like any other complex project. We use decades of project management experience and proven business tools to effectively deliver creative projects. To ensure everyone is literally on the same page,  each project includes multi-page project briefs with correlating contracts. 

We de-mystify the creative process eliminating the unknown by designing and providing project roadmaps that outline each project phase by month, week, and day. Each roadmap shows the relationships between the tasks (dependencies) allowing everyone to always know where we are and what needs to be done next (and by who).  All clients are given access to real-time project progress and any pertinent project details through easy to use apps, including a dedicated communication app to stay connected when needed.

Reverse Engineer

We Reverse Engineer from Impact & Synchronize with Each Brand's Strategy-

The most critical phase of any significant creative project is to start by diagnosing the problem. This is the heart of designing good strategy and effective tactics. When a creative team is built before the problem has been diagnosed, chances are you'll have more limitations. That's why we start in the beginning by starting in the end.

A common mistake with creative projects is that the creative vision overtakes the greater Brand's vision or goals. To maximize impact, we start by diving deep into discovering what the Brand is ultimately trying to accomplish. For example, one may think they just need to create a brand film, when instead they are actually trying to create a specific understanding or feeling that results in specific actions by specific people.

Focused goals provide us the clarity needed to design our creative concepts with precision. Throughout the project, these goals keep us anchored in the Brand's vision and in sync with the greater strategy. The anchors prevent us from drifting off into the realm of ambiguous art or self-centered expression. Additionally, it's common to find opportunities to leverage the creative project to complement other tactics or aspects of the greater strategy. Our extensive experience in developing brand and business strategy helps provide an even greater return on investment for each creative project.