Ryan Dean is an Orlando filmmaker with many years of extensive experience in the storytelling process across cinematography, directing, and producing. He is one of the most experienced and finest cinematographers in Orlando, shooting feature films, short films, tv and web commercials, and various original content. He's been honored for "Best Feature Film" at London's Independent Film Awards, in addition to being recognized at many other film festivals for both feature and short films.


Since the age of 10, Ryan has been creating new stories to tell through film. He constantly pushes himself to discover better and better techniques, such as mastering his skills as a Movi gimble operator, technocrane operator, and scuba diver underwater operator. He received his film degree from Full Sail University and has had the privilege for not only creating for Fortune 500 brands, but also for mission based brands such as Wounded Warrior Project, Make a Wish, Salvation Army, Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, and the OnePulse Foundation.


Ryan is originally from Cape Coral, Florida, and he and his wife, Jessica, have a seven year old daughter, Iris. On the Myers-Briggs personality profile, he is a classic ENFP.